McDonald is well known in the industry as a first mover in markets, land acquisitions and building design. It’s strong design and construction expertise, coupled with its leasing experience and entrepreneurial approach has maximized value of its properties for its institutional and non-institutional partners. McDonald’s property sales have set records for yield and price per square foot for properties in each of their respective markets, as a testament to the value created from strategy and execution. McDonald’s projects include build-to-suit and speculative developments for bulk warehousing, distribution, logistics, business park, retail and office.


McDonald has developed over 50 million square feet of real estate. McDonald's site selection criteria, based on in depth knowledge of local markets and thorough due diligence, results in properties with superior access to airports, sea ports, rail lines, and major road networks. McDonald's development services include site selection, land planning, building design, permitting, and construction.


McDonald leases properties to retailers, manufacturers, 3PL's and other local, national and international companies, who look to McDonald for their distribution and operational needs. McDonald's industry experience and local market expertise allow us to respond to clients' needs based on specific business goals and changing market trends. McDonald's strategically-located properties help tenants establish long-term success for bringing their products to market.

Property Management

McDonald manages properties for investment partners, third-party clients, and its own account. Properties managed by McDonald outperform their competition with better caliber tenants, higher rental rates, increased occupancy, and lower operating costs. Tenants at McDonald's parks are provided property management services 24-hours per day, 7-days per week, by experienced and dedicated personnel who work directly for McDonald.


McDonald serves as construction manager for new shell building construction and tenant finish projects. McDonald's experienced construction management personnel provide innovative construction solutions, value engineering and comprehensive project management to projects throughout the McDonald portfolio and for third parties.

Third-Party Management

McDonald provides third-party management services to building owners. McDonald's experienced property management professionals have a strong relationship with tenants and established vendors to provide quality and reliable building maintenance services. McDonald's experienced accounting team provides prompt and accurate financial reporting to building owners.


McDonald provides build-to-suits for clients with specific building and location requirements. Clients rely on McDonald as a dependable source for site selection, facility design, development and construction management services. McDonald has the experience and market expertise to provide facilities to meet clients' specific needs within each targeted market.